Bahoo profile

Bahin Amid Houshmand (Baho) is the most advanced executive and operational suite in the field of intelligent logistics systems development and development in the field of information technology in the country. Using the advanced tools and knowledge base, the team has been able to take a major step towards developing and operating a variety of AI-based algorithms to improve logistics intelligent systems such as transportation.


Our goal

The company has been established with the goal of designing and developing smart decision tools in the field of distribution of goods and other areas of supply chain management and logistics, and its main mission is to produce optimal AI-based systems in order to plan the existing fleet of transportation and its composition. There are available location control tools for controlling the fleet. Therefore, the distinctive features of this system are as follows:

Integration of intelligent and mechanized planning system with location system-
Decision making based on intelligent optimization algorithms-
Decisions to minimize shipping fleet costs-
Make decisions with real world constraints-
Establish a complete monitoring system on the functioning of the fleet-
Presentation of different functional and comparative reports relative to the program presented-

Team resume

Bahin Amid Houshmand Bahoo Co. started its activities in cooperation with reputable universities such as Islamic Azad University of Qazvin in the field of developing and developing intelligent transportation systems in the field of distribution and distribution of goods with the integration of knowledge and experience. The team has been able to: The use of modern tools and core knowledge is an important step in the development and operation of a variety of AI-based algorithms to improve logistics intelligent systems such as transport.