Mission and vision

Mission and vision 

The main mission of Behin Mamad Smart Co. is to design a distribution planning system and monitor the fleet with the above capabilities.

General features of the planning syste 

Determine the type and size of the required fleet

Allocation of goods to the existing fleet

Allocation of customers to any existing fleet

Fleet scheduling involves determining the sequence and time of each customer's visit

Determine the route of the fleet

Unit design and packaging

General features of the monitoring system 

Comparative reports with planned optimal mode such as: 

Compare the actual and planned distance traveled

Comparison of places and clients visited and planned

Compare actual arrival and departure times of the fleet from the customer's location and scheduled times

Other comparative reports of fleet performance

Provide various reports of fleet performance such as: 

Access to instantaneous position information and available fleet speed

Announce the car's arrival to any of the locations

The ability to view the motion of a fleet that displays the motion of a car in the desired time interval.

Online reports of driver violations such as unauthorized speed

Provide reports on daily, monthly and annual analyzes of fleet operations

Notify car and operator at times when the car needs service or refuel.

Ability to automatically send email and SMS to the system operator in various cases occurring on the