Optimization and make intelligent

Product Application Domain

Industry and production sector-
Online and Online Sales Companies-
Supply and Trading Companies-
after sales service-
Distribution and distribution companies-
Shipping and freight companies-
Distribution of fuel and energy-
Agricultural Logistics-
Postal service-

This system has several advantages in enhancing competitiveness through special advantages, some of which are as follows:

Increasing the coefficient of customer coverage with existing resources and thus increasing the organization's revenue-
Reduce or eliminate waste and logistics costs and fuel costs-
Integration with the software system in the organization-
Increasing the quality of transportation services and delivery of goods to the customer-
Integrated with the system of positioning and full monitoring of existing fleet performance-
Possibility to provide different functional and comparative reports based on the program-
Avoid waste of energy resources such as oil and gas-
Reducing emissions of pollutants by optimizing logistical decisions-
Development of soft infrastructure for the acquisition of core competencies with the aim of enhancing competitive ability-
Resource efficiency and satisfaction of shareholders stakeholders, customers, community ...)-
Linking software with tracking system and preparing various reports,
Reducing distribution and procurement times to reduce working capital and improving inventory turnover-
Establishing an integrated information system with distribution partners to enhance coordination in the supply chain.-
Improving material flow and balancing the traffic volume of inbound and outbound shipments,-
Connectivity with other transportation systems-
Reducing volatility at inventory levels-
Reduced finished product price-